Here at Smallthorne Primary Academy, we believe that all children, regardless of ability or need, can flourish in our school community. The SEND team are eager to ensure that every child is known, valued, heard, understood and guided. As a team, we work closely together, alongside the teachers, to ensure children who may have difficulties with their learning are still able to access our curriculum through quality-first teaching. As an inclusive school, our aim is that all children have the same opportunities and experiences available to them. We encourage them to become independent learners, providing them with the skills they need to prepare them for not just the next stage of their education, but for life outside of Smallthorne.

If you would like any more information with regards to SEND and how we can support your child, please contact our SENCO (Miss Holford) or SEND Lead (Mrs Dalton) via the school office number, 01782 235265 or via the school email address, [email protected]

Meet the Team

Miss Holford
Assistant Principal/ SENCO
Mrs Dalton
Mrs Walters
Inclusion Support Practitioner










See below a Glossary of the most common SEND terms:

ASC Autistic Spectrum Condition OT Occupational Therapist
ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder PP Pupil Premium
CAMHS Child and Adolescent Mental Health services PSHE Personal, Social and Health Education
CoP Code of Practice SLT Speech and Language Therapy
CYP Children and Young People SEND Special Educational Needs and Disabilities
EAL English as an Additional Language SENDCo Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Co-Ordinator
EHCP Educational, Health and Care plan SLCN Speech, Language and Communication Needs
EP Educational Psychologist SLD Severe Learning Difficulties
HI Hearing Impaired SpLD Specific Learning Difficulty (Dyspraxia)
LAC Looked after Children SPD’s Sensory Processing Disorders
LO Local Offer VI Visually Impaired
MLD Moderate Learning Difficulty

Please click here to view our SEND Policy.

The Local Offer

This is a local offer of all services available to support children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities and their families.  It is easy-to-understand information, setting out what is normally available in schools to support these children and their families.  It comprises of a number of questions, answered by schools, providing information to parents and carers to enable them to make decisions about the support needed for their child.

Please click here to view our Local Offer

If you wish to further support your child at home then please see the links to a number of resources below. If you require any further assistance with these resources or would like help selecting the correct resources, please use the contact details above.

Alphabet Race Game

Approches to PDA

Autism Apps

Card Games for Maths

Dyslexia Apps

Games to Develop Language

Helping Your Child to Read

Ideas for Developing Vocabulary

My Experience During Lockdown

Reading Hints


SOS Spelling Mat

Support for Speech and Language

Support with Spelling 2

Support with Spelling

Supporting Children with ADHD

Supporting Children with Autism, Sensory Needs or Anxiety

Supporting Children with Dyslexia

Supporting Children with Maths and Dyscalculia

Supporting Children with Motor Skills and Co-ordination.

Supporting Children with SEND

Supporting Fine Motor Skills and Handwriting

Teaching Formal Methods of Addition and Subtraction in a Multisensory Way

Transition Back to School Covid

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