Online Safety

Online Safety

⚠️Helping to keep your children safe virtually, will help to keep them safe in reality!⚠️

As a school we have a duty of care to educate and safeguard children from inappropriate and age restricted content; supporting children to develop an understanding of how to keep themselves safe online and informing them that sharing information online can impact them in the real world.

Below you will find links to websites which can be used to promote online safety and reiterate the importance of following age restrictions when accessing the internet, social media, gaming, movies/TV programmes etc at home.

It is important to remember that your child/children are at a crucial developmental stage of their understanding and processing.

What they are exposed to now can have lasting effects on their development. It is also important to be mindful that children want to share information and experiences with their friends. Therefore, what you may believe appropriate for your child, others may not feel is appropriate for their child to be exposed to at this stage in their development.

We request that you please check the digital platforms your children are accessing, including privacy settings and age restrictions for all forms of media. It is vital that anything you find to be inappropriate be blocked and/or reported to the site/police for further investigation.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do contact the school office.

Your child’s safety matters to us at Smallthorne and we appreciate your support in helping us to safeguard your children. has a wide range of videos and downloadable resources, from basic age appropriate safety tips to understanding the ever changing metaverse, and how this can lead to dangers online.

Short Video and downloadable guide for 0-5 years olds






Short Video and downloadable guide for 6-10 years olds






Short Video and downloadable guide for 11-13 years olds  – Guidance on age appropriate Social Networks for children.


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